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Kenith is committed to the provision of high quality and environmental cleaning services to all of our clients. Our experienced team, extensive human resources combining with the provision of excellent equipment and materials, achieving the ideal for qualifies service delivery. Kenithís clients call on it to provide unique solutions to their environmental cleaning service problems.

KC Diversified Services

  • Carpet Care System
  • Vinyl Floor Maintenance System
  • Initial Cleaning Service
  • Air-Conditioning System Cleaning Services
  • Carpet and Fabric Protector Treatment
  • Rat Control Service
  • Building General Cleaning and Management Services

1.  Carpet Care System
Shampoo Cleaning is the most modem carpet cleaning method; itís not required to absorb the water. Our environmental friendly chemical includes cleaning and protection formulas, it will get dry in one hour. Our high quality carpet maintenance program can maintain your carpet preserving the optimum appearance; it is efficient to save your time and cost.


2.  Vinyl Floor Maintenance System
Environmentally friendly cleaning agent and anti-oxidation wax are used which can provide an excellent durability and resistance to scuffing and black heel marks, leaving your floor a natural gloss.


3.  Initial Cleaning Service
After decoration, the remaining hard stains is not easy to eliminate, our professional cleaning team will use special instrument and chemicals to reduce hard stains and ducts that is difficult to remove.

4.  Air-Conditioning System Cleaning Services
We use professional disinfectant chemical to perform the air-conditioning disinfect service, provide a healthy and hygienic working and living environment.


5.  Carpet and Fabric Protector Treatment
It may be just a little stain but it sure stands out on your carpet or fabric (such as sofa). It could be spell ruin. However through our professional applied locked-on carpet or fabric protector can keep most serious spills form becoming stains. It is because when carpet or fabric protector is sprayed onto the carpet or fabric, it forms protective shield around each fabric which repels oil and water, and resists soil, too. Hence it can make the beauty of carpet or fabric lasts longer.


6. Building General Cleaning and Management Services
To ensure a hygienic work environment, interim maintenance for carpets, vinyl floor, marble floor, exhaust fan, litterbins and washroom are equally importance. Having a well-trained cleaning team to perform the cleaning tasks, we ensure we shall provide a most cost-effective maintenance plans to all of our clients.



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